Ciao a tutti!

My very own blog – how exciting!  With a little spare time on my hands, I recently decided I was going to hunt out some good sources for keeping up with food trends –something I’m pretty interested in.  This search took me far into the land of blogging, with journal after journal after journal filled with great food information. These diary-like entries were not only filled with valuable information, but entertaining too!  After looking in more depth at this blogging business, I quickly decided that rambling about some aspect of my life on a weekly basis was too appealing to reject.  So here I am, chattering on about the intriguing intricacies of my day to day.

Before I get carried away, let me introduce myself:  Tootsaroni.  That’s me. (But feel free to call me Toots).  I’m currently living my life in an itty-bitty town amid the stunning Green Mountains.  I love this place.  The people are amazing, the beer’s fantastic, and the scenery’s gorgeous.  I read. I write.  I clean. I eat. I exercise. That’s basically my routine.  When I’m feeling overly adventurous, I whip up a batch of deliciousness.  I’m a student, nose stuck in the books, trying to figure out where it is I want to end up.  Along the journey I’m trying to pick up some new hobbies and return to some old.  So here I am, checking one more item on my list.

Yesterday was one of those “feeling adventurous” kinds of days.  After sleeping-in well beyond the hours of a typical Saturday sleep-in, I suppose I was just filled to the brim with energy.  I dusted, washed, folded, vacuumed, and studied. After hours of that nonsense, you’d think I’d want to plop my bum on the couch.  Not me. No sir.  I wanted some kitchen time.

It’s important that you know cookies are not my specialty.  I really enjoy making cookies.  I make them all the freaking time.  I should be Mrs. Freihofer…but I am not.  My cookies are just never quite right.  Too flat, too floury, too cakey, too crunchy.  What am I doing wrong?  Then last night happened.  I made AMAZING cookies.  They just melted away in your mouth.  I rarely eat the cookies I make.  I leave them for the boys of the house.  But not last night.  “C is for cookies, and cookies are for me.”  That’s how I was feeling last night.  That’s how unbelievably good those cookies were.  They still are, actually.  I’m just no longer playing the Cookie Monster today.  That’s a job for someone else.

Tonight’s kitchen time is going to be a little less adventurous.  Spaghetti and Meatballs.  My favorite…  *rolls eyes*.  I’m really not a fan.  Something about spaghetti – it’s just so… flimsy.  So dull.  I want excitement on my plate.  I want colors and variety.  On occasion it makes a wonderful meal.  Every week?  Not so much, but tonight is spaghetti night, so I’m giving in to the noodles.  I’m sure I’ll survive.

Now it’s back to books.  I’m hoping to make a jump-start on next week’s assignments.  We’ll see how that goes.



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