Hidden Sweet Treats

Buon guorno!

So I’m scrounging through the pantry looking for any morsel of food to indulge in, and what do I find?

A Tootsie Pop!

And not just any Tootsie Pop, a blue one.  Tootsie Pops hide themselves all over this place, taking up all the little nooks and crannies of the cupboards, the closets, bedroom, and what have you.  It’s not that I don’t like them.  Unless we’re talking about the orange ones.  And definitely if we’re talking about the brown ones.  Did you know they actually sell whole packs of JUST the brown pops?!  My god, what are people thinking?

Back to the blue pops (the good ones).  I indulged.  When my sweet tooth gets feisty, I mainly go for the god of all desserts: heavenly, luscious dark chocolate. That’s why the pops are stashed all about.  They always take back seat to the mighty dark goddess.  But not today.  I forgot how amazing Tootsie Pops can be.  I highly recommend them (and if you’re unfortunate enough to possess taste buds that actually make the repulsive flavors of the orange and brown enjoyable, let me know, and I’ll gladly send those atrocities your way).

After dying my tongue a nice deep blue, I ventured online to type in my consumptions for the day on livestrong.com.  Well, I added one measley Tootsie Pop to my afternoon snacks and guess what… those suckers have 60 calories each! Holy Moly.  There goes my sweet treat for the day.

Or not…

Tonight, I happened to find a Tupperware container stashed away containing my favorite Europeans: Ghiradelli and Lindt.  Boy oh boy.  You can’t find the X of the “X marks the spot” without digging up and enjoying that treasure.  So what did I do?  I indulged.  Again.

Twice in one day.  I’ve gotta sleep that off.

Alla prossima!


2 thoughts on “Hidden Sweet Treats

  1. This all seemed reasonable until you found a Tupperware container of Ghiradelli and Lindt chocolate. There is no way I would be unaware of that dishwasher and microwave safe treasure chest of chocolatey wonder in my house.
    A Tootsie Pop, I could resist. It’s unusual for good chocolate to last more than a day around here.

    • It wasn’t just sitting around for a few days either, I’ve had some of that chocolate since the beginning of last semester. I hid it at Dustin’s so I wouldn’t be tempted and completely forgot it was there! It was a pretty unusual occurrence, but not one to complain about!

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