Just Another Day…


I spent the morning at the little auto body shop up the road, just to find out my car is un-inspectable. Lovely.  Shell out another $400 for exhaust parts you say?  No problem.  Oh, right, and you probably want that money for the failed inspection too.  Yeah, sure.  Let me just check in with that money tree in my back yard.  You can tell I’m thrilled with the result.

But! There is a bright side.  While sitting in the waiting room, I discovered a recipe for cranberry orange pancakes.  The picture was to die for.  I will most certainly be trying those (and sharing with you the results) in the very near future.

I also was able to take some time to study the photos of plated food in the magazines in the waiting room.  I’ve been taking lots of pictures lately of the food and drinks I’ve enjoyed, but I can never get the pictures to look like the ones other people take, the ones that make you go, “Oh. My. God. I need that.”  That’s what I’m striving for and I’m hoping soon I might get the hang it.  We’ll see.

Oh, and to continue our journey right up the scale of brightness, my phone should be here by the end of the week!  I’ve never realized how unnecessary my phone really is.  I do enjoy not having it around to rely on.  At the same time, though, I’m learning how much it sucks to not have a phone in general, whether it be cellular or that old fashioned kind.  You can’t call the repair guys when you need to make an appointment for your car.  You can’t put your own personal number on job applications.  You can’t just pick up the phone to say hi to your Grandma or your sister when you feel like it.  I’m glad I’ve gone without it for the past month, but I want it back.  Please come back to me!

It’s certainly been interesting living without the comfort of a phone, car and money.  I’m not going to lie; I don’t like it.  It does encourage creativity, resourcefulness and exercise, though – all wonderful things for your mind and body.

Now it’s on to the remainder of my afternoon.  I think I’ll try to figure out this WordPress thing some more – try to figure out how to make my blog awesome.


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