A Little Winter at Last?

A glance out the window this afternoon proved disappointing.  I was promised snow.  Where is it?  I hear the splash of water beneath the tires of the cars passing by as they cruise down 66.  So many cars.  Is it “rush hour” already?  But it’s only 2:45.  Hmm…


A closer look out the window increases my disappointment.  It’s drizzly, murky, and gray – far from the white, glistening fluff I expected.  I must be patient.  Maybe it’s coming.


In the meantime, I might rid of my disappointment with something that never let’s me down… how about some Endangered Species chocolate?  I hear some dark chocolate with blueberries calling to me right now.  If you’ve never indulged in this particular chocolate, you’re in for a real surprise (and you’re helping support habitats and humanity with every purchase!).  These bars are all-natural and taste incredibly delicious, and to top it off, you can learn all kinds of fun facts from the packaging.


With my chocolate in hand and a mug of ginger lemon tea, I think I might sit down and enjoy some “Take Home Chef” on netflix, while I await the snow that’s bound to begin soon (fingers crossed!).


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