What happened to the sun?!

Good Morning!

Long time no see.  I woke up expecting sun and warmth.  Instead, I got a sky full of clouds and 36 degrees.  Not my kind of Thursday.  I’ve been promised by the weather people that the skies will clear, the sun will shine, and the temperature will rise, all within the next two minutes… I think the weather people are a little misguided.

I hit my 1 month gluten-free mark yesterday.  4 weeks later and I’m feeling wonderful.  I’ve been researching recipes and brands like crazy.  I want good pizza.  I want to eat good pretzels.  I am getting pretty’ sick of rice, eggs, yogurt and bananas.   I’ve made one box pizza crust (Chebe) that was mediocre.  The flavor was a bit blah, and the dough required a lot of unnecessary ingredients.   I next tried an already frozen dough (Gillian’s).  Highly recommended.  Then I made my own following a random recipe found on the web.  Dustin came into the kitchen afterward as I was washing dishes and exclaimed, “I would eat this pizza in place of regular pizza anytime.”  I guess I have his approval.

Below you’ll find a few photos of the Gillian’s dough pizza – simply topped with sauce (Prego) and cheddar cheese (Cabot).  I also whipped up a honey mustard sauce and mixed it together with the random veggies I found in the crisper.   Quite a tasty little lunch for a Tuesday afternoon.

Honey Mustard Sauce

  • 2T Honey  – (Wild Harvest Organic) 
  • 1T Dijon Mustard
  1. Mix Honey and mustard. 
  2. Enjoy!

Drizzle honey on the plate prior to serving the pizza.  The bits of sweet that were detected with every bite of pizza were a wonderful surprise.

Now I’m off to read a little about Strategic Management.  Sounds like fun?

Enjoy the hopefully-soon-to-be-sunny day!


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