It’s been awhile…

Hey there!

How was your Easter weekend? Filled with colored eggs and bunnies? Ham dinners, family, and friends? Or maybe just chocolate and jelly beans galore?  My own was shared with family – a delicious meal (a product of collaboration with the whole clan), jelly beans, and colored eggs filled with treats.  My contribution to the plethora of food – a chocolate devil’s food cake (gluten-free) and a pear pie (also gluten-free).  Boy were they tasty.

The chocolate cake was so moist, so sweet, and the best part of all?  It tasted like cake! I used a Gluten 1-2-3 devils food cake flour mixture added 3/4 cup brown sugar, 1 cup organic cane sugar, 5 T butter, 5 T Crisco shortening, 4 eggs, and 1 1/2 C almond milk soured with 1 1/2 T lime juice.  I baked for about 33 minutes in 2 9″ round pans at 350°F.  To frost, I creamed two sticks of Pulgra butter with 3 1/2 C of confectioners sugar, added 1/3 C vanilla almond milk and one T vanilla extract.  This particular cake was shaped into a bunny and was then topped with shredded coconut and jellybeans to honor the holiday.  Follow the link below for instructions to build the bunny cake.

The pear pie used 6 small pears, peeled, cored and sliced (exactly as you’d do for an apple filling). The pears were tossed with cane sugar, cinnamon, and lime juice – I added the sugar and cinnamon to taste… if you like high-spice pies, add more, for less spice, add less.  I place this mixture in the fridge for four hours to really let the juices start flowing.  I used a Glutino pie crust mix, following the box directions, and poured the pear mixture into the crust.  I topped this with a second pie crust (though you could make a lattice crust if you prefer).  The filling is very similar to apple pie, though the crust was very very crumbly.

Overall, Easter baking was successful.  My time in the kitchen was a little rough – batter covered the walls, the metal blender beaters wrapped around each other, destroying the machine, and coffee spilled all over my pants.  But! I made it through and was able to enjoy a delicious cake and pie to make up for the morning disaster.

I’m going to continue the new recipes tonight with Chinese Trinidadian Stir-Fried Shrimp with Rum (a Grace Young creation).  Served over rice with a sweet Jamaican rum drink to wash it down – sounds pretty amazing to me.  I’ll post pictures if I remember to take them!

Enjoy your week!



3 thoughts on “It’s been awhile…

  1. Emily, I have to say both of the desserts were awesome! I ate the pear pie there but ate my “piece” of bunny cake at home later Sun evening!! Yes I did share with Stanley and he thought it was great too!
    Love H

  2. The pie crust was SO good. I liked the crumbly… it was very “flaky” to me… light and very classic pie crust. LOVED it.

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