Good Morning Sunshine!

Buon giorno!

Another wonderful morning here in the Green Mountain state.  Sun is out, temperatures are cool and the wind is softly rustling the bushes beyond the window. Beautiful. Serene. Perfect.

Last night, just as I was ready to post, the lights went out, the TV flashed off and the dishwasher silenced.  Ok, so the power went out, no big deal.  Happens occasionally.  So I waited.  It wasn’t coming back on.  The sun was setting and I was running out of daylight.  There were no candles in the house – we used them up. I had only a keychain flashlight to lead the way.  I grabbed a magazine and headed outside.  I read until the words blended with the background.  I sat there in the darkness, brainstorming what to do next.  I called CVPS.  Estimated time of returned power?  10 p.m.  So much for a stir-fry. It’d either be PB&J’s or grilling for dinner.  I am not a griller, but I certainly wanted more than a peanut butter sandwich.  Dustin is the professional behind our grilled masterpieces, but with him at work, and my stomach grumbling, I was going to have to grill myself.  I struggled a bit, but was finally able to heat up the coals and slap on the chicken (seasoned even!).  Somehow, in the dark, I managed to cut up carrots, cucumbers, and onions without injury.  I threw in a handful of spinach and a bunch of pea shoots – tossed it all in balsamic vinegar and topped with the grilled chicken.  Scrumptious.  A glass of syrah and the meal was complete.

I’ve never had to sit through a power-outage with minimal to no light. Candles, lanterns or daylight have always been available.  I was surprised to find it refreshing.  Dustin came home, we dined in the computer’s glow, then sat on the couch, in the dark, listening to music from the ipod’s itty bitty speaker.  Side by side, we listened to one another, to the sounds of the music, to the cars clamoring by.  Beautiful. Serene. Perfect.


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