Winnie-the-Pooh and Maple too!

As a little kid, I LOVED Winnie-the-Pooh and all his friends, especially Eeyore.  In fact, I still love them. Today, I’m sharing Pooh with you because he’s a cheerful guy.  On a gloomy, drizzly, gray day, I felt everyone could use a spark of cheer.  If it’s sunny where you’re at, I hope Pooh can still bring a smile to you.  As I sit here wrapped in a sleeping bag, coffee in hand, he certainly got a giggle out of me.

Now that you’re smiling and we’re on a happier note, I want to apologize for my lack of entries last week.  What a hectic week – homework, graduation, parties, chores, house-hunting, and the list goes on.  I was a caffeine-filled, crazy woman, running around with my head cut off.  I had so many post ideas, and even started typing on several occasions, only to be drawn away by the hands of time.  So forgive me if today my post is sporadic, chaotic, and just plain all over the place.  There are so many things I want to say crammed into my head and they’re all coming out in one big mess.

For starters, I really want to talk with you about maple syrup.  Vermonters pride themselves on the sweet treat just as they pride themselves of the mighty maples responsible for bearing the delicacy. If you’ve never experienced real Vermont-made maple syrup, shame on you. The “Vermont Maid” stuff in the grocery store? No way. That stuff does not even compare to the real deal. Trust me, you’ve gotta try the real stuff. As a student, funds are minimal, so real syrup rarely makes its way into the house. This year, however, we hit the jackpot.

This year, my brother worked at a sugaring operation and sent me a mason jar full of sweet, amber goodness. Thank you god.

But wait!

My grandma then gifted me a bottle of Peterson’s Maple Syrup, a family-run operation that just so happens to be operated by my uncle and his sons.

But there’s more!

I then got a box in the mail filled with maple candies. Woo wee!

I keep telling myself as I pour the syrup into cookies and onto sandwiches and over waffles to use it sparingly. Yeah, right. I can thank my Grampa C. for the candy. Before that package I hadn’t had a maple sugar candy in years, not since the last time I was at The Big E. Boy was it tasty. As soon as the sugar hit your tongue, it melted away back into that pure maple syrup. Who’d have thought that a little tree sap, heat and time could make something so spectacular. Genius.

Talk of my Grampa C. brings up another point of interest.  We have exchanged letters (yes, actual snail-mail, hand-written letters) since I started college. Recently, however, our letters have become more frequent. I love the unexpected letter in the mail. I enjoy writing down my day to day life – what’s new, what’s old, where I plan to be in the future – those sorts of things. It seems every week I’m getting a letter from him – yellow lined paper, folded in three, placed inside a hand decorated envelope.  Soon enough, I’m placing a stamp on my own decorated envelope filled with the stories of my previous week to send back.  Pen pals are totally worth the effort.

My assignment for you: get yourself a pen pal.  Take out that pen, find yourself some paper, and write to a friend you’ve lost contact with, an aunt you rarely see, a lonely grandparent, or maybe just a note to yourself, one to tuck away for the future. 

I swear you’ll feel refreshed.  You’ll totally make someone’s day when they open up the mailbox to find that unexpected letter.

Go ahead.

Start writing.



2 thoughts on “Winnie-the-Pooh and Maple too!

  1. I LOVE Winnie the Pooh! I know, big surprise 🙂 for some reason after Grandpa passed away, I spent fifty dollars on Winnie the Pooh movies. Maybe more! You can buy them for pretty cheap on amazon. Anyway, I’m not quite sure why I did this. But I watched every single one with Christopher. He also, got a chuckle out of Pooh 🙂 When Gram and Grandpa used to watch us when we were little, I always picked out a Pooh movie to watch. And they would always allow me to bring a few home. I guess I could have bought the movies hoping to bring Grandpa back. I’m not really sure. But watching Pooh did bring back a lot of memories from that house. So, I guess I sort of brought him back, in spirit.

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