Water Worries

The thunder and lightning rolled in around 2am last night.  The booming rumbles of thunder shook the house and startled me awake.  The flashes of lightning filled the sky with a blue haze.  On and on it went for over an hour.  7:30 am and it’s back.  The thunder, the lightning, the rain.  Then back again at 9…and 10…  I love thunderstorms.  No, really, I do.  The thunderous booms, the bright streaks of light, the ting-ting-ting of the pouring rain on the roof – it’s exciting and beautiful, wrapped in one package.  But today?  I’m not such a fan.  Today, the storm decided to play quite a nasty trick on us.  I’m thinking the storm plotted like this: “Ha ha ha”, he thought, “May 29th?  Sounds like a day of trickery to me!  What can I do… Aha!  Water…they can stand to be dirty, stinky, messy kids for a day or two, right? I can’t wait to see how this one plays out!” 

Yeah, not so funny Mr. Lightning.  Not so funny at all.  The pile of meat stained dishes from last night?  Sitting on the counter, unable to be washed.  The heaping pile of clothes that need washing?  No way, not happening today.  The toilets that need flushing?  Guess we’ll be taking our bathroom business elsewhere (though Brandon G. suggests we all just stick our bums out the window… ’cause, you know, the neighbors will really appreciate that view). 

No running water really is a tedious event.  Until today, I never realized how often I turned on the faucet – brushing teeth, washing hands, cooking, filling the Keurig, watering plants, drinking, and the list goes on. 

So, with today’s shortage of water (and the 88 degree temps and high humidity), I’m going to hold off on baking.  We may or may not be having fennel garlic roasted chicken breast with rosemary and thyme roasted fingerlings tonight… be ready for that update in the near future.  

Stay safe in the storms!



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