June Fortune

11 days into June, and it’s been a wonderful month so far.

Here are some news update on my life:

1. We’re getting a puppy! She’s an American Brittany.  She’ll be 13 weeks old when we pick her up Friday (this Friday! Ahhhh!).  Her name is Ches (like the game)-short for Chestnut. We are ecstatic! There will probably be some full posts about her in the very near future.  Expect BUNCHES of photos. 









2. I’m on week four of my training program and except for yesterday’s 3 mile run, I’ve stayed on track.  Today I have a 4.2 mile walk/run interval session lined up.  Waiting for Miss Brittney to get home from work and then we’re off to whip those legs into shape.

3. There are 82 days until my first race!  With nearly three months left, I’m pretty sure I’ll be ready and raring to go.

4. I hike the Long Trail in just 12 days – yikes!  I am nowhere near prepared. I’m heading into a week-long hiking trip with my cousin Spenser and my Aunt Karen.  I believe they just planned out the route this past weekend.  I have yet to see it, but I am pretty excited.  I’m (hopefully) getting some new hiking shoes Wednesday that I plan on breaking-in all next week (I know, not really enough time, but it’ll have to do).  I’ll try to borrow a hiking pack from one of my female hiking pals.  That just leaves a tent, water filtration system, and food to worry about.  You know, no big deal.

Ok, enough with the updates, onto my weekend.

This past weekend was gorgeous.  A stunning, summery Vermont weekend.  If only they could all be like that.  I even saw some kiddos splashing around in the lakes!  Brrrrr!  Dustin and I spent the weekend driving around in a topless jeep.  It’s been a long while since the jeep’s been road-legal.  We definitely took advantage of the fine weather and the jeep’s new legal status to cruise around the state.  Friday night it was off to Southern Vermont to help my little sister prepare for her eighth grade semi-formal. 

Isn’t she stunning?!  She’s not one to dress up often, so it was great to see her all dolled up in this wicked cute dress.  She’s growing up so fast…

She was lucky enough to be picked up from her dance in the loud, attention-grabbing jeep.  I think she was thrilled.  Then  she got to stroll around the grocery store at 10pm with her indecisive sister while wearing her formal garb.  Again, thrilled, I’m sure.

Saturday morning began with a relaxing dip in the spa.  My mom keeps that hot tub sparkling clean.  I love using it at least once when I’m home.  Dustin has extensive plans to build a solar powered hot tub for us.  I’m sure he will attempt the build. Someday… I don’t have my hopes set on enjoying that anytime soon.

Saturday afternoon we made our way to Boston to pick up some friends who flew in from Colorado.  I have to shout out to Dustin’s brother-in-law for kindly driving us into Boston and back to Leominster.  Riding in his new SUV was a much smoother, easier, more baggage-friendly ride than the jeep would have been.  We were able to enjoy a nice BBQ dinner on a new deck/patio while catching up with our friends before we headed back to Vermont.

The trip back was… a tight squeeze.  4 adults, 2 full suitcases, a box of puppy supplies, several backpacks and miscellaneous bags, all packed into this jeep:

Catherine and Ryan were able to enjoy a nice romantic cuddle session in the back seat (whether they wanted to or not).

We traveled to Randolph where we picked up a roomier vehicle and then headed from there to the NEK.  We arrived way up in Lyndonville at 2:20 am, exhausted and cramped.  I think we were all asleep within 5 minutes.

We were awoken on Sunday by two itty bitty kitties… Ryan’s cat had kittens about 5 weeks ago.  They were adorable little fuzz balls.  I love kittens.

We headed out early after doughnuts and coffee, compliments of the Ward family. We traveled the winding roads south to pick up the jeep then finally headed back home.  What a beautiful, beautiful day for a ride.

Today is just as gorgeous – sun, breeze, and blue skies.  The summer can’t get much better (and it’s technically not even summer yet)!

Tomorrow I’m off to Southern Vermont once again.  This time to celebrate my sister’s eighth grade graduation, to kayak with my other sister, and to teach my brother to drive a manual.  If I survive that car ride, I’ll be back on Wednesday with two red wine updates.



2 thoughts on “June Fortune

  1. I didn’t realize that was YOUR puppy! I thought that was Spenser and Brittney’s puppy! And I am EXTREMELY jealous of your time with kittens. I WANT A KITTEN. I want a room full of kittens.

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