Bogle Blunder

Happy Hump Day!  I FINALLY remembered my wine for Wednesday. I know, you’re all so excited, right?  Ha. There is wine, but there is still no camera.  So, as soon as I can connect my camera to my computer, I’ll update with a label pic.  Until then, you’ll just have to deal (I’ve spoken one too many “I’m sorry” ‘s already this week, so…I’m being blunt, and I’m not sorry.  But, really, I am :/ ).

Today’s delicious wine:

Bogle Vineyards

Type: Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage: 2009

Dustin and I are big fans of Bogle’s 2007 Merlot and Cabernet.  BIG fans.  So, unable to find a 2007, we opted for the 2009, and a Cabernet rather than a Merlot.  We were not impressed.  The high alcohol content didn’t match the medium/light-bodied feel.  The wine was overly acidic and tasted overwhelmingly of plum.

First thoughts: vinegary and tart. Umm…I think I’ll take another sip.

Lacking mouthfeel.  Light to medium body.  Unexpected, in a not-so-good way.

Final thoughts: Not a great wine.  Next time, I’ll spend the extra on a 2007 if it’s available.  If not, I’ll opt for a different wine.

Keep in mind, this is the 2009 Cabernet, not the Merlot.  I’ve had the ’09 Merlot and have only good memories.  Maybe I dived into that bottle a little too much to remember its true qualities… that’s another wine for another Wednesday.

A sneak peak into next week: A Wonderful White

Be. Excited.

Until then, godetevi il vostro vino!


Wednesday Wines…on Thursday?

I know, I know… I neglected to post a new wine last week.  Please forgive me.  With one already missed, I HAD to post this week.  I was so eager to.  We opened up a new bottle last night, sat down to taste it, take notes on it, and then enjoy it together.  I had my computer open to the blog page with the notes sitting right there in front of it.  Then, of course, I got distracted.  And tipsy.  The bottle was empty, it was after midnight and I was getting sleeping.  So, clearly, Wednesday Wines was postponed once again.  I sincerely apologize.  But! I am here, writing about Wednesday Wines on Thursday for your enjoyment.  So please read on and learn about one delicious wine we were lucky to try.


Type: Malbec

Vintage: 2010

This wine was gifted to Dustin as a graduation present.  What a great pick.  Wine is always a gift-able product.

What did we think of the wine?

First thoughts: Smooth.  Mellow, but tasty.  Awesome.

Full-bodied without harsh tannins.

Light on the nose – scents of fruit, rather than the oak we’re used to.

Tastes of berries and subtle hints of cherry.

Cherry lingers for a while on the tongue.

Final thoughts:  A really nice wine.  Very easy to drink.  Lots of flavor, full-bodied mouth-feel, but mellow sensations on the back of the throat.  We will definitely be trying this one again.

You can read more about Gascon’s Malbec here.

If you’re grilling up some tasty red meat or having a pasta party anytime soon, I suggest you try out this wine.

I will try very, very hard for a Wednesday Wine next week.  Really.  I will start posting these things on time.

Until then, godetevi il vostro vino!

Wine, Oh Wine, You’re So Divine

I love wine.  Real wine.  Not box wine.  Mostly red wine.

Maybe it’s my Italian genes.  Maybe it’s the mouthfeel of a full-bodied merlot.

Whatever the case may be, I love wine.

So, to honor the beloved drink, I am starting a wine post – Wednesday Wines.  Today marks the first post of my weekly wine review.

This is a joint review, boasting opinions from myself as well as from Dustin, my partner in crime.

What wine is on review today?

The Frenchhouse

Type: Syrah

Vintage: 2008

We (Dustin and I), buy our wine at the local Shaw’s.  I’m not a fan of Shaw’s, but they do have a good wine selection, surprisingly.  The wines that have earned Wine Spectator points and other distinguished awards are tagged with the points earned and award won.  We tend to purchase these wines.  When we’re looking to splurge on a bottle (splurge = greater than $15), we’ll buy the top shelf bottles with vintage 2005 to 2007.  2007’s under $20 are hard to find these days.

What drew us to the Frenchhouse Syrah?  The 85 point Wine Spectator tag.  The vintage 2008 earned 85 points and Silver Medal at the San Diego International Wine Competition.

What did we think of the wine?

First thoughts: Smooth.  Very smooth.

Medium-bodied, full mouthfeel without the harsh notes at the back of the throat.

Hints of herbs.  Slightly peppery.

Bottle says “notes of currant, dark chocolate and wild herbs…”  I’m not so good at picking out individual flavors yet.  I did taste raspberry flavors (stemming from the currant?).

Final thoughts: An excellent choice.  A great hanging out wine (not so sure I should be admitting that I hang out with wine).   A perfect wine for cheese.

You can read more about the Frenchhouse Syrah here.

Be on the lookout for Wednesday Wines next Wednesday, May 2.

Until then, godetevi il vostro vino (enjoy your wine)!